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abortion_snark's Journal

Abortion Snark
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This community was founded to give both pro-lifers and pro-choicers a place to snark together in unity. You won't see anything if you aren't a member, and membership requests are approved depending on the mood of the moderator(s). Not everyone will be approved and pending memberships will be verified by current members. DO NOT WHINE TO THE MODERATOR(S) IF YOUR MEMBERSHIP IS NOT APPROVED!!!

Don't get pissy if you get snarked. Only real journals will be approved for this community, so don't either bother asking with a sockpuppet. If you are a member, keep everything in this community between us. I will find out if you have gained access here for the sole purpose of playing Intraweb Detective and you will be immediately banned/removed.

Legal mumbo jumbo: We do not condone or encourage the trolling or harassment of other LJ members or communities. kthx

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